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We have superhero Bruno Prado swooping in to save the day after Camila's flight was cancelled due to the Ryanair strike! So the workshops WILL go ahead! All practical information below...

Bruno Prado is a firm Brussels favourite, with his excellent teaching style and endless energy and good humour! If you haven't met him yet, you will want to...!

PS - we have also rescheduled Camila's workshop for the 20th January! Perfect to warm up those cold January days ♥



Fred Academy, rue de la révolution


Intermediate 14h-15h30
Improvers 15h30-16h30


The advanced workshop takes place earlier: 12h30-14h.

Important: this is an invite-only workshop. If you haven't received an invite and would like to attend, get in touch with Sarah at asap. It will not be possible to just turn up and attend if you haven't been in touch with Sarah in advance.

Halles For'All

The very same evening there will be the first ever forró party at Halles St-Géry starting at 17h. Just 21 minutes away on foot, or 6 minutes by bike (all downhill!) Hit the dancefloor straight away after the workshop to practice your new skills :)

|| Prices

Advanced: 17 euros on the day

Intermediate: 17 euros on the day

Improvers: 14 euros on the day
Inter + Improvers: 29 euros on the day
Adv + Inter: 32 euros on the day

|| Reservation
Places are limited. Consider paying in advance to get the discounted rate! Advance payment can be made at class on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, or at practice on Thursday.

If you cannot pay in advance, but would like to reserve a place, send an email to saying which class(es) you would like to attend and whether you would like to lead or follow.

|| Videos
Bruno & Diana:


|| Questions?
Thanks for your understanding about this change. Unfortunately this was completely out of our control but we are delighted the workshops can go ahead under the wonderful guidance of Bruno Prado.

If you have any questions about the change, you can contact us at!

Intermediate = Inter I or II classes

Improvers = open to all dancers with knowledge of the basic steps & simple turns


The duration of the improvers workshop has changed because of Bruno's travel schedule. If you have already paid for the improvers course, we will reimburse you a small amount on the day to cover the change from 1h30 to 1h.

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