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Join us at Salle Dublin twice a month to practice your moves and learn together.

Salle Dublin is a beautiful, cosy venue where forró feels right at home. You can take to the dance floor to practice your new moves and catch up with your friends at the same time.

After your feedback in June, we have also decided to increase the length of each session to a full three hours: we start at 8pm and continue all the way through until 11pm!


This longer session means your donations will become even more important to cover the cost of the room, so please remember to add your contribution to the box each time. We're counting on you!

Here are the assisted practice dates 2020:

Jan 16,30

Feb 13,27

Mar 12,26

Apr 9, 23

May 7,21

Facebook link :


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Practical Information
Salle Dublin
Rue Dublin 13, Ixelles

Voluntary contribution: 2-3 euros per personne


Please use the cloakrooms downstairs, and don't leave valuables in the entrance hall.


We ask everyone for a contribution of two or three euros to help us cover the cost of the room and continue organising these sessions. You can find the small blue collection box at the entrance to the room. Thanks for your support!

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