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FAQ for the Be Forró Weekend

|| Sounds great! How do I get my ticket?

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 21st February. There are limited places available so you will have to move quickly ;-)

Tickets can be paid for (cash only!) at Salle Dublin assisted practice classes, at the Cellule party on 1st March and at classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

|| How much do the tickets cost and will there be different batches?

Batch 1: Thurs 21st - Wed 27th Feb
Early bird full pass - 65 euros

Batch 2: Thurs 28th Feb until sold out...

Normal full pass - 80 euros

Friday party ticket - 12 euros

Saturday party ticket - 8 euros

|| I’d love to come, but I’ve only been dancing for a few months. Can I still join?

Of course! As long as you have already followed a Beginners 1.1 course with Sarah or equivalent, you know more than enough to join us. For more info about what this means, you can email Sarah at

|| What is included in the full pass?

The Friday and Saturday parties, all workshops on Saturday and Sunday and the discussion session on Sunday at midday.

|| How many full passes are available in total?

60 full passes: 40 at early bird price of 65 euros, and 20 at the full price of 80 euros.

|| How many places are available for the parties?
For Friday night, the venue holds 100 people. For Saturday night, 120 people.

|| Will it be possible to buy a party ticket on the door?

If there are still spaces available, we will sell tickets on the door but we cannot guarantee this so if you want to join us, it is best to buy your ticket in advance!

|| Will you be selling tickets for Saturday/Sunday workshops only?

It depends. If all full passes sell out before March 3rd, then it won’t be possible to buy a single ticket for Saturday or Sunday. If there are still full passes available on March 3rd, we will make separate tickets available for the Saturday and Sunday workshops.

|| Can I pay for my ticket online?

Unfortunately not. We can only take payment in cash.

|| I can't make it to Salle Dublin/Cellule/class before the event? Is there another way I can pay?

Of course. The best option is to arrange for a friend to buy your ticket at a class or party. They need to give us your full name and email address, and of course make the payment for you in cash.


If you cannot find anyone to do this for you, send us an email at and we will try to find an alternative solution. We'd really appreciate it if you can look for a friend to help you out first though as it helps keep our admin to a minimum!

|| Will it be possible to come along on the day and attend one specific workshop?

Potentially, but we cannot guarantee it. It depends if there are spaces left for the workshops or not. If you want to participate in the workshops, we recommend that you don’t count on this option becoming available! We will update you in the days before hte event if this will be possible.

|| I bought a ticket but I can’t attend any more? What can I do?

We cannot refund ticket purchases. Instead you can try and find someone to purchase your ticket: if successful, you (the original ticket buyer) should send us an email to notify us of the new person’s name and email address and we will update the list of attendees accordingly.

If you are looking for someone to buy your ticket from you, try posting in the Facebook event, or in the Forró Friends whatsapp group.

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